Talent Management for Healthcare Organizations

Diagnosing Talent in your Healthcare Organization

Building a talent management strategy is more challenging than ever before, especially in the rural healthcare market.  This 3-part webinar series hosted by Bellevue University and Conatus3 focuses on the unique challenges faced by healthcare leaders.


Building a strong talent management strategy is a challenge today. U.S. human resources and business managers said they are unable to find enough qualified candidates to fill open positions. In order to build a strong talent management strategy, healthcare leaders must also acquire the right talent, onboard, educate and retain professionals while continuing to meet the goals of the organization. 

In this three-part webinar series, sponsored by NHA Services titled “Diagnosing Talent in your Healthcare Organization”, you will learn six aspects necessary to build a successful talent management strategy and how to utilize data to make the best people decisions possible.

The first webinar of the series “Triage Team Performance to Maximize Potential” delves into the importance of Emotional Intelligence and its value for human capital in talent planning, acquisition and team performance. Registrants will have access to the Attribute Index prior to the live event which allow managers and leaders to first understand his/her own EQ. 

Date: September 10, 2019

Time: 11:00 A.M. CDT

Listen to the Webinar HERE.

Join Dave Gregory, President & Chief Executive Officer of Conatus3, Inc. and Jonathan Titus, Director of Continuing Education, College of Continuing and Professional Education, Bellevue University where you’ll learn the seven categories of EQ and how being able to measure emotional intelligence is a strong predictor of future success in various roles.

Webinar #2 in the series “Diagnosing Talent in your Healthcare Organization” is entitled "Managing Team Dynamics: Understanding Preferred Behavioral Styles". This webinar will help you explore your preferred behavior styles and understand the behavior styles of others. Using this information, you should improve communications, on-boarding of new employees, and the patient experience. Registrants will take a FREE IMX DISC assessment ($30 Value) prior to the webinar.

Date: Thursday, November 7 

Time: 1:00 P.M. CST

We will post the recording this webinar here in the next few days.

Diagnosing Talent in your Healthcare Organization

Webinar #1 Triage Team Performance to Maximize Potential


Understanding the use of Emotional Intelligence in Talent Planning & Acquisition. Participants will complete their own Emotional Intelligence (EI) assessment as pre-work to the webinar. During the webinar, Jon Titus, Director of Continuing Education at Bellevue University, and Dave Gregory, President of Conatus3, Inc. will discuss the 7 categories of EI and how these measure potential and predict success in a variety of healthcare roles. 

Grow your self-awareness and see the value of EI in hiring the right talent for your organization. 

Webinar #2 Managing Team Dynamics: Understanding Preferred Behavioral Styles


Now that you believe you have acquired the right personnel, the focus will be on onboarding employees. Questions managers should ask are “What are some additional things that I need to understand when onboarding employees?” This will be based on preferred behavior styles - and how they adapt to working with others. For example, if you are an admin and know your preferred behavioral style is different than the Doctor you are working with – learn how to adapt your behavior to better work with him/her.  

Registrants will take the IMX DISC assessment prior to the webinar.

Webinar #3 – Managing Team Dynamics: Understanding Motivators


This webinar on Managing Team Dynamics: Understanding Motivators identifies the WHY in human performance. Participants will learn the 7 different motivators which generate a passion to perform. While it is important to understand one’s own motivators, understanding the motivators of others and changing your language to enhance their passion to perform is the key to achieving more discretionary effort from team members, patients, and staff.

Registrants will take the IMX Value’s Index assessment prior to the webinar.