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Organizational Health Check

Top 8 Reasons to Complete an Organizational Health Check


  1. To experience more joy, gratitude, and fulfillment in your journey
  2.  To give you more piece of mind and fewer restless nights
  3.  To connect how your team feels and interacts to real actionable data
  4.  To acquire the data needed to make the best people decisions 
  5.  To minimize human bias in evaluating the potential of people
  6.  To confirm organizational process discipline
  7.  To improve operational efficiencies and effectiveness
  8.  To ensure alignment to the organization’s mission or purpose

What is an Organizational Health Check?


An Organizational Health Check is a diagnostic process which helps you:

  • confirm your gut instincts
  • reveals areas or issues which need more organizational discipline
  • acquire data about people and processes
  • identify people who have great potential
  • measure your organization's emotional intelligence
  • compare managements thoughts about their effectiveness to the opinions of their direct reports
  • align your purpose or mission by creating clarity for your organization

What's included in an Organizational Health Check?


There are three (3) steps in an Organizational Health Check: 

  1. Diagnosis
  2. Review Findings
  3. Action Planning

Each of these steps is outlined below.



In the Diagnosis phase, we utilize a number of tools to help us assess the organization's people, processes, and performance.

The People analysis includes the use of InnerMetrix International's ADVanced Insights Profile which identifies preferred behavior styles, internal drivers or motivators, and how people think and make decisions. We also utilize proprietary surveys to identify supervisor effectiveness, employee engagement, and process efficiencies. 

The Process measurements may include individual interviews, compliance audits, and focus groups. Understanding the organization's people and processes is critical to understanding the performance. 

Review Findings


Following the thorough Diagnosis Phase (usually about 2 weeks), we Review Findings which includes: 

  • Talent Assessment & Mapping (People)
  • Supervisor Effectiveness Surveys and Employee Engagement (Process)
  •  Risk Compliance and Performance Assessments (Performance)

Action Planning


The Action Planning Phase includes recommendations based upon the Diagnosis and Review. Action Plans will include measurements for tracking return on investment, performance improvements, and positive behavior changes with people. 

Organizational Health Check

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