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Generate a Passion to Perform with new customer engagement strategies

We believe people want to find fulfillment in the work they do, using neuroscience we generate a passion to perform. 

Are you worried about your team's performance?

Create Positive Behavior Change

We believe the formula for improving performance is simple: 

(Attitude + Skills + Knowledge) + Goal Setting = Positive Behavior Change --> Improved Performance


Creating positive behavior change begins with changing habits of thought. This requires focused effort.

Conatus,Latin for "effort" and the number 3 signifies the need for: 

  • Competencies 
  • Culture
  • Coaching

Our team has been helping organizations improve performance in customer engagement since the 1980's. Our work in the business process outsourcing industry has allowed us the experience of supporting the World's most valuable Brands. The formula for improving performance begins with assessing attitude, skills and knowledge. 

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Neuroscience makes the Difference

The results have become abundantly clear on neuroscience, creating positive behavior change requires a culture which supports people versus tearing them down. The traditional or more usual coaching in most organizations is based upon coaching to a metric or correcting behaviors using authoritarian leadership principles. People, especially millennials, don't appreciate or like the authoritarian leader. These traditional performance management practices are costly, ineffective, and even counterproductive to enhancing performance and increasing engagement. 

We leverage the neuroscience of human performance to partner with organizations in developing strong performance management systems. While many companies focus on adjusting ratings or re-calibrating pay-for-performance, we’ve seen the biggest breakthroughs from improving the quality of conversations that managers have with their direct reports.

Our process is designed around a proven process for reinventing performance management, from building the business case for change to embedding new behaviors and facilitating the implementation of new systems. We begin with the Human Capital Assessment process to help us understand you and your team members. Our discovery process helps you learn more about yourself and your team members before completing the design process.

Align Your Employees' Passion to Your Organization's Purpose

Our experience in supporting the World's most valuable Brands (more than 600) taught us that having an inspiring Vision, a creative Mission Statement, and purpose-driven Brand DO NOT translate into successfully implementing customer engagement strategies. 

So, what is customer engagement? It's when customers value your relationship. It's when customers give you the benefit of the doubt. It's when customers buy from you for the personalized benefits versus the price. It's when customers care about your Brand. 

The most valuable Brands focus on improving performance in customer engagement. We've found the secret sauce in creating customers who obsess over your organization is the alignment of Vision, Mission, and Brand to your employees'  BEHAVIOR. 

You must hire the right fit employee, positively coach and develop each of them, and create a culture where your leaders care more about their people than themselves. The most valuable Brands execute on these principles.

We help organizations rapidly deploy these processes to improve organizational performance.    


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