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Are You:

  • The owner of a small company in need of a trusted advisor to discuss difficult situations?
  • An office manager or an HR department of one?
  • An operations leader who sometimes needs to bend the ear of a seasoned professional to discuss a complex talent management topic?
  • A business owner who is frustrated with the hiring process or the time you spend on it?
  • Losing sleep about how you grow your business without the right people?

Talent Management is complicated. The Conatus3 Talent Management Help Line provides you with support for your talent management questions and sensitive employee situations.

How it works:

You can contact a Conatus3 Talent Management expert by phone, email, or text when you have a question or would like to discuss an issue. Examples of topics we support include:

  • Compliance & regulatory issues related to Talent Planning & Acquisition
  • Recruitment, hiring, on-boarding, and integration
  • Performance management, building trust, coaching to handle difficult conversations, gaining commitment, holding individuals and teams accountable, and the termination processes 
  • Retention strategies, career development, and employee engagement
  • Best practices in talent management

Your investment:

Talent Management Help Line: $500 per month

The Talent Management Help Line provides support for up to 4 hours of monthly advice. There’s no long-term contract. You can cancel with a 30-day notice.

Additional Support:

The Talent Management Help Line is designed to provide you with an average of 6 to 8 contacts a month (totaling up to 4 hours of consultation per month.) For services beyond the scope of the Talent Management Help Line, we are here to help. Sometimes you just run out of time and need someone to handle a project, create a process OR you may need to outsource parts of your function. We are here when you need us!

The Conatus3 Talent Management Help Line is staffed by professionals with more than 20 years of experience and educational credentials including an MBA or Juris Doctor. Trusted advice from trustworthy leaders. 

As a Help Line Subscriber, you are eligible for significant discounts from normal consulting rates. Additional support is provided at $200 per hour. (Discounted from our normal $300 per hour Talent Management consulting rate.)

Get the Help & Rescue you need when you need it! 

Areas of Support

Talent Planning: Talent Planning requires an understanding of what roles are required to fulfill the strategic objectives of the organization. Mapping these positions, the responsibilities of each, and what strengths or natural talents are needed for exceptional performance requires talent management analytics. We help organizations acquire and interpret the data to build the most appropriate profile for each role.

Talent Acquisition: Understanding the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of human performance, we help organizations hire the "Right Fit" employee for each role. Our talent management analytics meet the rigorous standards of the US Federal Government Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) . Validation has also been documented in the areas of Construct Validity, Concurrent Validity, Face Validity and Predictive Validity. 

On Boarding & Integration: On Boarding people into your organization requires indoctrination into your culture, an understanding of your vision, mission, and values, as well as alignment of the employee's passion to the organization's purpose. This integration must include a "Getting to Know Me" process which builds a relationship between the employee, the organization, and their supervisor. These processes are critical to "Generating a Passion to Perform.“ 

Performance Management: Every employee wants and needs to know how they are performing in their role. Maintaining employee engagement requires more than an annual performance discussion. Tying talent management analytics into the individualized development plan (IDP) allows the employee to clearly see the focus for positive behavior change. IDP's must be interpreted as fair and objective. Continuous improvement in the current role with a focus on career development drives greater discretionary effort. 

Individual, Leadership & Management Development: Leadership development isn't just for people with direct reports. Anyone can be a leader and developing leadership characteristics delivers higher performance levels for the organization. Of course, moving people from individual contributor roles into management roles requires more formal training and preparation. The certification of leadership characteristics  helps candidates prepare for the role changes.

Succession, Readiness & Retention: The development of Top Talent for the next role in organization should be purposeful. Many organizations promote Top Talent into roles the person hasn't been prepared to handle. Utilizing a variety of techniques including understanding past performance and potential of succession candidates ensures the smooth transition between leaders. Assuming past performance will guarantee future results is as foolish in people as it is in financial market performance.


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