Integrated Talent Management

Talent Planning


Talent Planning requires an understanding of what roles are required to fulfill the strategic objectives of the organization. Mapping these positions, the responsibilities of each, and what strengths or natural talents are needed for exceptional performance requires talent management analytics. We help organizations acquire and interpret the data to build the most appropriate profile for each role.

Talent Acquisition


Understanding the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of human performance, we help organizations hire the "Right Fit" employee for each role. Our talent management analytics meet the rigorous standards of the US Federal Government Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) . Validation has also been documented in the areas of Construct Validity, Concurrent Validity, Face Validity and Predictive Validity. 

On Boarding & Integration


On Boarding people into your organization requires indoctrination into your culture, an understanding of your vision, mission, and values, as well as alignment of the employee's passion to the organization's purpose. This integration must include a "Getting to Know Me" process which builds a relationship between the employee, the organization, and their supervisor. These processes are critical to "Generating a Passion to Perform."

Performance Management


Every employee wants and needs to know how they are performing in their role. Maintaining employee engagement requires more than an annual performance discussion. Tying talent management analytics into the individualized development plan (IDP) allows the employee to clearly see the focus for positive behavior change. IDP's must be interpreted as fair and objective. Continuous improvement in the current role with a focus on career development drives greater discretionary effort. 

Individual, Leadership & Management Development


Leadership development isn't just for people with direct reports. Anyone can be a leader and developing leadership characteristics delivers higher performance levels for the organization. Of course, moving people from individual contributor roles into management roles requires more formal training and preparation. The certification of leadership characteristics  helps candidates prepare for the role changes.

Succession, Readiness & Retention


The development of Top Talent for the next role in organization should be purposeful. Many organizations promote Top Talent into roles the person hasn't been prepared to handle. Utilizing a variety of techniques including understanding past performance and potential of succession candidates ensures the smooth transition between leaders. Assuming past performance will guarantee future results is as foolish in people as it is in financial market performance.

Improve Your Organization's Performance

Tired of Hiring the WRONG People? We use Science to help you identify the RIGHT fit employees!


The new hire looked good on paper, they nailed the panel interview with your three  team members, and their Personality Profile was a perfect match for the role. Yet, three weeks into the new relationship, you are questioning the decision to hire this stranger. In our hyper-connected world where poor decisions can multiply like a chain reaction, breaking free of unhelpful bias has never been more urgent or important. 

How do you launch interventions against these biases? Unconscious bias is, after all, unconscious.

Our bias arise from the way our brains are organized. Without mental shortcuts, we would not be able to process as much information or make any decisions at all. Understanding the ubiquitous nature of these biases does little to impact our behavior, instead, we must focus the efforts of our bias mitigation at a different level. Our partners for Human Capital Assessments have designed Science-based assessments which limit human bias. After all, to improve performance, you must:

1. Improve your people (Coaching) 


2. Hire better people (Change Your Hiring Process)

We can help you use Neuroscience to build a better hiring profile. The benefits include: 

  • Improve the quality of the people you hire
  • Increase the speed to proficiency of the people you hire
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Prioritize your candidates by potential versus first come first served
  • Reduce the costs of screening
  • Shift your recruiters time from screening to sourcing
  • Automate your hiring process
  • Reduce or eliminate human bias
  • Create more consistency in your hiring process across locations
  • Ensure compliance with EEOC guidelines for hiring
  • Allow candidates to complete assessments 24/7 and 365

Start your journey to improving your performance by taking the Attribute Index today. This one's on us...

Take the Attribute Index Assessment

Coaching Techniques for the Most Challenging Environments


Whether you're in a contact center, retail store, or serving customers in any environment, you've likely encountered busy periods where coaching seems impossible. You likely have heard a leader say "We are too busy to coach." If you feel this way or your organization suffers from coaching paralysis due to "busy periods", then you need to talk with us. 

In order to drive performance during peak periods, we've developed a number of techniques which when deployed within a positive workplace culture, result in improved performance. Our customized program Peak Performance has proven to be one of the most effective culture-building, leadership and coaching programs in lifting organizational performance. 

Conatus3 team members have more than 200 years of combined experience partnering with organizations to pinpoint the business processes where coaching can have the greatest impact. Several members have clocked more than 10,000 hours of coaching and developing front line employees to executives.

In our work with Alorica Inc., the world’s leading platform for all customer interactions, we delivered programs (watch the video below on Next Level, the program we designed to support Amazon) which generated returns on investment exceeding $35 per $1 invested.) 

Our strategic partnership with Bellevue University's Human Capital Lab ensures accurate measurement of the impact of training and the resulting ROI. Utilizing the Genius LMS system allows participants to complete follow up implementation work in an environment which tracks progress and provides robust reporting for the organization. This ensures accountability.

Peak Performance, includes 4 sessions which are 3-hours each delivered face to face over 4-days. During the 12-hours, participants gain self-awareness, learn to create a positive workplace culture, and implement a variety of coaching techniques to create positive behavior change in the most challenging environments.

The intensive 4-days of face to face training are supported with a 12-week self-paced learn + implement program which ensures positive behavior change and the creation of new habits.  The approach of learn + implement, using spaced repetition aligns with neuroscience on changing habits and retention of content. This is the differentiation which allows for significant return on investment and sustainable behavior changes. Contact us at 402 909-5599 or e-mail us at

Watch the Next Level Video

What is Emotional Intelligence and WHY is it important?


Emotional Intelligence is the use of emotions to benefit yourself and those around you. You can tell the difference between a robotic person with no emotions and a charismatic person who seems to move a whole audience. In fact, Daniel Goleman, best selling author of several books on emotional intelligence, says those who have just enough IQ to get into a decent university, but have stellar EI are the ones who find the most success. In other words, the most success people have higher EI. 

How do you measure and manage emotional intelligence? 

Start with completing the Attribute Index to measure your own EI quotient. 

The Attribute Index measures 7 areas of development:


  • Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Personal Motivators
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Social Skills

These categories and the core attributes which make up each category will help you benchmark your Emotional Intelligence development. Once you know where you are, then you can begin to improve the specific core attributes needed to improve EI. 

Complete the assessment below now and share it with your team members. There is no cost to complete the assessment and you will receive the results via e-mail. Of course, if you would like to schedule time with an interpretation expert, contact us at

Measure Your Emotional Intelligence Here

Do you need an expert on Talent Management for your event?

Examples of Our Public Speaking Events


We customize presentations for your organization's events. Whether you need a full day or a fifteen minute presentation, we can help. 

Some examples of past conference events we supported include: 

  • The CLO Exchange, Dec 3 to 5, 2017 Carlsbad, CA “How HR Ops and L&D Work Together to Create High Impact Educational Benefits”
  • The Future Contact Center Summit, January 26 to 30, 2015, Orlando, FL presenting "Reinventing Your Organization with Digital Customer Engagement"
  • Next Gen LMS: Maximizing Learning Experience & Performance Outcomes, June 18 to 20, 2014 in Austin, TX as a Round Table Discussion Leader presenting: "Optimizing Your Virtual Environments: Blended Learning Deserves a Fresh Look" and as a Panel Discussion Panel Member: Maximizing Learner Experience & Engagement Starts with the Right Platform. 

o Customer Experience Management, October 22 to 24, 2013 in Atlanta, GA presenting “Using BIG DATA to Improve Customer Experiences” Workshop

Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE)

· Conference speaker, educational board member, webinar presenter, and local Chapter speaker including: 

o National Conference Speaker April 2013 & April 2014, April 2015 

o Chapter Speaker in many events since 2012

o Awarded Educational Speaker of the Year in 2013 for the PACE


· Conference Speaker and Symposium Presenter for multiple conferences 2007 to present, most recent include:

· Facilitator of Continuing Education for PHR & SPHR credits 2010 to present

AnswerOn Webinar: Overcoming Call Center Obstacles


Stop losing money to agent attrition.

In this webinar, Dave Gregory, President & Chief Executive Officer of Conatus3, joins Joe Cox and the AnswerOn team to address Overcoming Call Center Obstacles. Watch this 30-minute webinar where Dave introduces techniques for hiring the Right Fit employee and Joe discusses Work Force Management best practices to drive performance. 

Register and Watch the Webinar Here

Conatus3 Hosts Webinar Series for ATD Valley of the Sun Chapter


Webinar 1: “Identifying the Right Fit Candidate: How Science is Changing the Candidate Selection Process”

This session introduces how the Science of Axiology, based in mathematics, is changing the candidate selection process. Using hiring profiles to help organizations select the Right Fit candidate based on science versus human bias or intuition.

Webinar 2: “The Zone of Individual Excellence: The WHAT, WHY & HOW of Human Performance”

This session introduces how understanding preferred behavioral styles, motivations, and natural strengths or talents combine to create greater self-awareness and authenticity resulting in improved performance.

Webinar 3: “Retaining Top Performers: Aligning Purpose to Mission”

This session identifies several techniques to ensure your Top Performers understand their purpose and how it aligns to the organization’s mission. When employees feel connected to the vision, mission, and brand of the organization AND leaders behave in accordance to these principles, then employee retention significantly increases.

Watch the Webinars Here

Bellevue University & Nebraska Public Television present "Ask Why"


The event examines how ethics play a major role in contemporary business practices and will challenge viewers to consider what they would do if their values were challenged at work.

“We are committed to integrity, responsibility and ethical behavior and embrace opportunities when we can help students, as well and faculty and staff, identify and engage more critically around the lessons learned from the ethical challenges and issues conveyed in this film,” said College of Business Dean Rebecca Murdock.

A discussion will be led by a panel of ethics experts, including:

  • David Byers, BU professor of leadership and adult education
  • Lucy Franks, BU professor of management and human capital
  • Marsha Graesser, director, talent acquisition and development, Woodmen Life
  • Dave Gregory, president and chief executive officer, Conatus3 Inc.
  • Beverly Kracher, executive director, Business Ethics Alliance
  • Stephen Linenberger, BU professor of leadership and human capital
  • Mick Shadbolt, BU professor of accounting

“Ask Why” takes a look at the energy company from Houston which, in just 15 years, had built itself into the seventh largest corporation in America by 2001, and examines the events that led to the company’s collapse, including the corporate environment that inhibited the board of directors from exercising governance and control.

“Playing By the Rules: Ethics at Work” is a production of WLIW LLC. WNET is the parent company of New York’s public television stations THIRTEEN and WLIW21 and operator of NJTV. Mary Lockhart is executive producer. Bryan Myers is producer/writer.

Watch the film and panel discussion here

Metropolitan Community College Construction Trades Day


On September 18, 2018, MCC hosted more than 225 students and teachers from Omaha Metro and surrounding  high schools for their annual Construction Trades Day. The students had an opportunity to meet 30+ employers and get some hands on experience. 

Conatus3 provided information to all the students about value based education and choosing their college experience wisely. 

The average student in Nebraska has more than $30,000 in student loan debt. Many graduates are finding few opportunities in their area of study while construction trades continue to grow and many well-paid positions are available.  

Contact Center World


Our team has more than 200 years of combined experience supporting the World's most valuable brands in the business process outsourcing industry. We've identified and implemented the best practices for creating exceptional  customer experiences. 

During the 19th Annual Call Center Week in Las Vegas in June 2018, Alorica received the CCW Excellence Award for Best Training and Development Program. The CCW Excellence Awards honor, recognize and promote individuals and teams who have made a commitment to driving superior contact center and CX performance. The Best Training & Development Program category recognizes the ability to – among other things – build flexible coaching strategies and reward, distinguish and incentivize employees. 

Some of the areas we built at Alorica to win this award: 

  • Retain Employees Through Pre-Hire Assessments – With predictive employee profiling, which measures and identifies required minimum skills, knowledge and behavior, our HR team can easily identify the best fit roles for 75% of applicants prior to interview.
  • Leverage Tools to Measure and Track Agent Performance – By integrating microlearning, gamification and learning analytics to accelerate agents’ memory and speed to performance, we’re able to solve knowledge gaps with personalized, on-demand and adaptive learning. The simple interface offers engagement features that make learning stick. Agents experience eight core psychological triggers that lead to faster learning, deeper comprehension and memorization.
  • Build Flexible Coaching Strategies – The coaching strategies that are helping move Alorica to the next level of performance improvement, includes our knowledge engineering program’s Learner Engagement segment, which finds and fixes confidently held misinformation influencing agents’ mastery of material. This misinformation is a higher risk because it’s falsely relied upon as if it were true, and confidence influences decisions. For example, for one client, we proactively identified areas where 26% of learners had inaccuracies. Following remedial training, Alorica achieved 100% eradication of confidently held misinformation impacting the new hire proficiency.
  • Overcome Generational Challenges – For modern learners who grew up in the lap of technology, Alorica tailors the training curriculum with relatable microlearning, delivered in 15-minute increments to ensure knowledge retention. Often used through tablet gadgets, microlearning keeps learning concise, addresses short attention spans and boosts agent performance. To creatively engage, regardless of generation, Alorica uses Captivate, a rapid response authoring tool, to create custom simulations, branched scenarios and demos.

To learn more about how we can help your organization achieve higher performance, contact us at or check out more information using the Find Out More below. 

Find out more

People Development Strategies

Sigma is a structured and proven Performance Improvement methodology which offers an empirical, data-driven approach that focuses on using quantitative measures of how a system is performing to achieve the goal of process improvement and variation reduction.


  • Standardize process improvement methodology and framework
  • Enhance critical thinking and analytic problem-solving skills
  • Build common language to leverage across the organization
  • Sharing of best practices, successes and opportunities to potentially:
  • Increase speed to proficiency in using Sigma principles
  • Increase speed to scale in application across enterprise
  • Mitigate failed effort redundancies


Your success in the Sigma and DMAIC journeys is our #1 goal. There are several resources available to help you along the way.  In addition to the shared materials and knowledge that will be exchanged during the actual learning events (both in personal and virtually), additional resources are available:

  • Online in the Genius™ Learning Management System
  • Help Desk type support can be reached at 
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Forum will be available on the Genius™ system

Construction Trades Need Young People

Student Loan Debt reached $1.5 Trillion in 2018

Too many young people are going to college for the "experience" and racking up thousands of dollars in student loans. Meanwhile, millions of jobs are available in the construction trades and very few people are filling these jobs. Our next financial crisis may very well be the student loan bubble burst. 

In addition to the student loan crisis, all across the United States, infrastructure needs to be replaced. Roads, bridges, sewers, pipelines, just to name a few have exceeded their usefulness. Meanwhile, fewer and fewer young people have been entering trade schools to learn how to do this work. As we lose more than 10% of the skilled tradesmen to retirement every year AND we have fewer people to replace them, the demand for skilled workers is increasing every year. We are already in a crisis and the laws of supply and demand will continue to drive labor costs up. 

Help us wipe away the stigma of these trade jobs. Help us educate parents and students about the alternatives available to them and how to avoid thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Help us help you through safer roads, bridges, and infrastructure projects. 

100% of your donation goes to recruiting young people into the trades. We partner with associations, educational institutions, and other organizations to create events which reach young people and their parents. For more information, contact us at or call us at 402 909-5599.

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