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Dave Gregory, President & Chief Executive Officer


Dave's passion is helping business leaders and organizations apply neuroscience to improve performance. Integrated Talent Management Analytics  allows organizations to accurately measure people. Dave believes The Success Formula, a coaching process focused on improving performance through positive behavior change provides leaders with a situational leadership methodology which creates more discretionary effort. For the past 15 years, Dave and his teams have successfully implemented The Success Formula to help organizations improve performance. 

As Vice President of Global Human Resources, Organizational Performance at Alorica, Dave introduced The Success Formula which became the Alorica Coaching Process and was instrumental in improving performance across the spectrum of Alorica clients which included many of the world’s most valuable brands. Dave and his teams have delivered coaching to support organizations in 16 countries, at more than 200 locations world-wide. 


In addition to years of experience, Dave received his formal education at Creighton University's School of Law where he earned a Juris Doctor. His Bachelor of Science in Business Administration was conferred by the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Dave serves on the College of Business Advisory Board for Bellevue University and is a member of the Human Capital Lab at Bellevue University. 

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Mark Johnson, Vice President Implementation


Mark excels as a Master Facilitator with a strong passion for coaching and developing Individuals and companies to succeed. He provides expertise with identifying and determining leadership strengths. He is exceptional at improving company performance, generating motivation, partnership management, personnel development and training. Mark believes that in order to succeed, you need strong interpersonal relationships with clients to tap into their personal motivation and drive. 

Mark brings over 35+ years of accomplished experience as a Professional Educator, Administrator, Sales Consultant, Industry Management and Development Coaching spanning both local and global industries. His experience with Organizational Performance teams has provided sustained quality improvements for numerous industries.

He is a graduate of Creighton University where he received both a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Education and a Master’s of Science in Educational Administration. Outside of his time spent working, Mark enjoys golf, and spending time with his family.

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Andy Johns, Chief Strategy Officer


William "Andy" Johns has 15+ years of experience in the business processing outsourcing industry, primarily in operations, coaching and developing leaders. Andy began his career in the BPO space as an front line agent or individual contributor. His performance earned him leadership opportunities where he has excelled in leading others. 

Most recently, Andy was Global Human Resources Director for Alorica where his responsibilities included Executive Development & Succession Planning. Andy is an altruistic and independent leader who is driven to help others develop their talents through honest feedback and performance development. 

Andy's understanding the neuroscience behind Emotional Intelligence makes him a sought after executive coach and Succession Planning leader. A certified expert in the InnerMetrix assessments, Andy has coordinated individualized development planning for front-line supervisors to Executive Vice Presidents. 

While Andy and his husband reside in Dallas, Texas  they are avid travelers, and may be spotted anywhere around the globe where people  are having fun helping others.

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Matt Cramblet, Facilitator


A dynamic and results-oriented learning facilitator with 20 years in the BPO industry, Matt has a wealth of experience in the design, development and delivery of multiple educational programs delivered to all levels and business divisions within the contact center world. With a background in both Training and Operations, Matt is passionate about delivering content that is fun, engaging, thought-provoking, and easily applied on the job to ensure maximum efficiency and improved business results. 

Matt has traveled extensively domestically and internationally to facilitate content and improve business results for more than 10,000 business leaders during his career. He is well versed in multiple business verticals and is a Master Certified Trainer for multiple clients within the telecommunications, health care and financial services industries. 

Matt currently resides in Pensacola, Florida with his wife and daughter.

Jim Beach, Facilitator


Jim Beach, a highly skilled facilitator, helps people transform themselves from individual contributors into leaders and supervisors or managers into executive leaders. Jim’s participants describe him as a passionate leader who is equally comfortable coaching a front line employee or an executive. His 30+ years of experience includes roles in business to business sales, collections, and operations leadership roles. Jim was selected to lead the CenturyLink, formerly Qwest, Manager Certification Program. This program was delivered to every new manager in the Consumer and Small Business Operations teams, as well as, all vendors supporting these business units. Overall, Jim led a team of facilitators who delivered tens of thousands of hours of training. 

A Certified Innermetrix Coach, Jim is an expert in IMX DISC & Values interpretations. His experience includes using the IMX Attribute Index to acquire the talent management data necessary to make the most reliable people development decisions. Jim strives to help people understand the WHAT, WHY and HOW of performance. Translating data into actionable learning plans which allows people to become the next best version of themselves aligns Jim’s passion with organizational objectives. 

Jim, a Syracuse, NY native, has lived in the Twin Cities for the past 17 years with his wife Mary and daughter, who recently became a teenager. Jim is the proud father of two sons who served in the United States Air Force and Navy. 

Jim Beach leads Conatus3 Client Services in the Twin Cities area. He is available to help your organization acquire the data you need to integrate your talent management processes. A gifted public speaker, Jim helps organizations educate their members and employees on a variety of leadership development topics. Contact Jim Here. 

Watch the work we did to create the Amazon Next Level Program

Maureen Brauer, Facilitator


Maureen Brauer is a developer of leaders. As a firm believer that “everything rises and falls on leadership”, Maureen is passionate about helping leaders understand themselves. She guides people on a journey of discovering how they think, what their behavioral patterns are, what motivates them etc., so that they become self-aware. Maureen is driven to encourage leaders to understand themselves, because to live out your destiny, you must first know who you are. 

She brings a wealth of insight, knowledge, caring, and sincerity into her coaching and has a knack for helping people turn theory and concepts into practical goals for growth. She is also a gifted facilitator with more than 15 years of experience in business, academic, and virtual classrooms. She has great attention to detail, a drive for continual learning and growth, and a focus on empowering others for success. 

Maureen has traveled to 12 countries outside of the United States and also spent 2 years living abroad. Those experiences have provided her a unique opportunity to appreciate many different cultures and viewpoints. Outside of developing leaders, 

Maureen is a Husker football fanatic! She also enjoys family time, music, dance, drama, art, and loves her 14 year old Corgi. 

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Romina Fernandez


Director LATAM Operations

At the young age of 24, Romi has managed to become an expert in team management and development techniques. She started her carrier as a customer service agent for Blue Cross & Blue Shield where her passion for people and delightful customer service skills led her to get a promotion in only 3 months. Her background in education made her a great trainer and her student´s success proved it. In a rapidly changing environment, Romi was capable of handling more responsibilities and was tasked as the Client Services liaison between EGS and Blue Cross & Blue Shield.

In her Client Services role, she coordinated strategies between LATAM and the Philippines Sites. Romi's responsibilities included accountability for the results of 300+ agents across three GEO's (LATAM, ASIA, and the US.) She delivered exceptional results for the client in her role.

When Alorica acquired EGS in 2016, Romi was assigned to support the Amazon account in Montevideo, Uruguay.  As the Operations Manager, she led 600+ agents and more than 10 staff to deliver insanely great customer experiences. As the Alorica and Amazon relationship grew to include 9 LATAM Sites, Romi was once again promoted to lead the training and development for the entire program. In 2017, she implemented the Next Level program with Brooke Hoover which resulted in more than 80 Customer Obsession Awards from Amazon compared to 15 in 2016. Romi led the design, development and delivery of additional product training for all agents. This project improved results and resulted in additional new business for Alorica.

Romi believes that the key to success is having a strong front-line management team as they are the ones taking care of the people connecting with the customers. Romi attributes her success to three primary skills:  

1. Her ability to continuously challenge the status quo, critical thinking and refusing to accept the “it has always been done like this” answer; 

2. Her adaptability and empathy in a business world where the only constant is change and where three completely different generations are coexisting; 

3. Her passion for learning, being curious, and implementing new ideas which align with the strategy of her clients. 

In her own words:

“I am not a genius, but I have learned from them! My strongest belief, that I had the pleasure of experiencing several times, is that understanding our employee´s needs, challenges, frustrations and goals is fundamental to be a good leader. At the end of the day, every single human being wants to be successful, it´s just about finding out what motivates them and what is preventing them from realizing their full potential. Once you get to connect with them and help them realize you´re in the same boat, even the most challenged employee will turn 180º. It´s all about fluent communication and constant support.” 

Lee Pemberton IV

Co-Founder, Chief Client Officer and Data Liaison

Lee is a Co-Founder of Conatus3 Inc. and serves as a strategic consultant in the areas of Human Capital Assessments and Executive Coaching. Lee maintains his own executive coaching and consulting business, Inspired Performance Solutions, Inc., in addition to his work with Conatus3. His expertise in executive coaching and customer experience management make him an excellent resource for Conatus3 clients. 

Lee has more than 40 years of experience in sales, sales training, and leadership development. Lee spent 23 years with 3M’s pharmaceutical division where he achieved the distinguished Gold Award as a Top 10 representative. Lee founded IPS, in 2010, as part of his life-long dream to help people pursue excellence. 

A believer in the strengths movement, Lee uses the Innermetrix profiles to coach executive leaders to use their strengths to achieve their dreams and organizational objectives. Utilizing the Innermetrix profiles to help organizations find the right fit employee has become an area of expertise. Lee’s pursuit of excellence in talent acquisition is leading to breakthrough efficiencies which reduce time to hire, improve new employee speed to proficiency and improve performance for their organizations.


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