Amazon DSP Program


Remember when you received the letter saying, "Congratulations! You been chosen to become an Amazon DSP." If you are like most Amazon DSP business owners we've talked with, that moment was both exciting and terrifying. 

Amazon is dedicated to providing you support as you grow your business. They selected many vendors for you to work with and continue to provide new resources in each phase of growth. While that's great, are you finding yourself overwhelmed with the Talent Planning and Acquisition process? If so, we can help! 

Conatus3 working with Amazon DSP business owners Shane Williams & Andy Johns, Shandy Holdings LLC & Danny Weisman from Aries Logistics LLC, designed a program to help you acquire the RIGHT talent to support your business. Additionally, through their understanding of the VALUE created through Fantastic and Fantastic Plus scorecard performance, we've designed a COACHING program where Danny Weisman leads your team to greater performance. 

Danny's Aries Logistics team delivered 15 consecutive weeks of Fantastic Plus scorecard performance. Learn the WHAT, WHY and HOW of delivering these exceptional scorecard reports.   


We believe the RIGHT people differentiate business success from failure. Acquiring the data you need to hire the RIGHT fit candidate requires the most advanced neuroscience assessments available on the market today. Your success depends upon it! 

We've developed the only Amazon Driver Profile which includes screening for Amazon's 14 Leadership Principles. For example, to meet Amazon's expectations, your team MUST demonstrate Customer Obsession. How will you know if your candidates are prepared AND willing to demonstrate it? 

Our Driver Profile has been designed to predict behaviors and is EEOC approved for hiring. (Note, if you're not familiar with the EEOC guidelines for hiring, then your business is at risk. CONTACT US immediately.)


  • We manage the talent acquisition process from initial job posting to resume review, assessment development, deployment and review, to phone screening, and behavioral interviews. See this link for an example.
  • We provide you with a qualified candidate ready for your final review.
  • Our customized assessment solutions allow you to know preferred behavioral styles, motivators, and predict future performance. 


  • REDUCE RISKS OF HIRING THE WRONG PEOPLE. Our Driver Profile ensures you acquire the data you need to hire the right fit, develop a personal development plan for each new employee which aligns with Amazon's 14 Leadership Principles.
  • SAVE TIME. We screen the candidates and only send you qualified candidates for final review.
  • IMPROVE THE CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE. Ensure the candidate understands the hiring process and is updated about their progress along the way.
  • REDUCE EMPLOYEE ATTRITION.  When you hire and develop the best people available, you create a culture where Customer Obsession thrives. People want to be part of something meaningful. Acquire the data you need to keep your employees engaged. 
  • INCREASE SPEED TO HIRE.  As an Amazon DSP, you'll need to ramp up quickly to meet Amazon's expectations and continue to grow your business. Outsourcing the hiring process to us allows you to focus time on other business priorities. 
  • IMPROVE SPEED TO PROFICIENCY. Hiring and developing the best will require you to understand the adult learning process and ensure your new employees are capable of learning what they need to know to be successful. Our screening process identifies candidates cognitive structures and ensures you hire the right people. 
  • INVEST YOUR TIME IN MANAGING AND BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS. When we manage your talent planning and acquisition processes, you have the peace of mind to know your people needs are being handled by a professional services firm. 

Amazon DSP Program Performance Improvement

Do you need to improve your weekly Scorecard Performance?

How much time are you spending on hiring delivery drivers? How often does your team earn Fantastic or Fantastic Plus? How much bonus money are you leaving on the table with Amazon due to poor performance? 

We've designed a hiring process for Amazon DSP owners which allows them to post to more than 50 job boards, measure the potential of candidates and stack rank your candidates to save you time and effort in selecting the best fit to maximize your organization's performance.  

We include our customized assessments for Amazon DSP personnel and provide you with up to 15 FULLY qualified and RIGHT FIT candidates. Your last step is a "Just Say NO" conversation which we help you develop to ensure the candidate is serious about the opportunity to join your organization. Get unlimited use for only $500.00 per month. 


Our people! 

The Conatus3 team includes Human Resources and Talent Management professionals who have helped organizations hire more than 5 million employees in the last 30 years. 

Our Assessments! 

We've designed the ONLY Amazon DSP Driver Profile available on the market today which has EEOC approval. Our ability to use neuroscience to accurately predict behavior ensures greater success for your business. 

Our Processes!

Using the best practices for Talent Planning and Acquisition, we've designed and developed a program specifically for Amazon DSP businesses. You'll need the ability to quickly ramp up  new drivers to meet the growing demand for Amazon's package delivery services. As your business grows, you need to be able to scale it. We've built the people acquisition and development processes to allow you to grow. 


Amazon DSP Talent Management Program

Earn Fantastic Ratings Consistently Hire the Right Fit

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

How much more could you earn with Fantastic or Fantastic Plus weekly Scorecards? The Pie Chart is a REAL look at Week 11 2020, 6-week scorecard for a client of ours. We deliver you the people you need to earn Fantastic!

Our customized hiring assessments for Amazon DSP personnel provides you with qualified and RIGHT FIT candidates. Your last step is a "Just Say NO" conversation which we help you develop to ensure the candidate is serious about the opportunity to join your organization. 

Reduce unnecessary attrition, save your time in screening, and hire the best available candidates. Earn Fantastic and Fantastic Plus more consistently. Hire more people and grow your number of routes with Amazon. Put more dollars in your pocket! 

Has COVID-19 caused you to look for work?

We can help! If you are 21 years old with a clean driving record, contact us for more information about working for an Amazon DSP.